We want to do all we can to protect and help our residents. This page is very much a work in progress and will be updated regularly. Please note information is posted in good faith and the council cannot be held responsible for content.

Calow Parish Council thanks all NHS staff, key workers & volunteers who are helping us during this crisis. Remember to clap for them every Thursday at 8pm!

Downloadable Leaflets issued by North-East Derbyshire District Council

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Calow Support

GD & M Rodgers & Sons


Delivers milk & eggs.


Manor Farm, Manor Road, Brimington

01246 231870

07738 121901



Grocers/small shop

A delivery service for elderly & vulnerable customers of newspapers & groceries. Contact store for delivery .
Payment system available by phone.


Top Road,


Aman - 07492 495222


Calow Pet Foods

Pet shop

Orders can be placed over the phone and delivery is free within the Calow area. Cash only please.


Top Road, Calow

07803 538779

R.B. Elliott & Sons

Butcher/small farm shop

Offers delivery service for vulnerable /self-isolating (Mon, Wed, Fri) who are unable to go out. If you are able to get out, ring with the order and call for it, you order will be brought out for you. 

Pay over the phone or by cash on delivery (you will not come into contact with our drivers).

Opening times

Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
Sat 8am-2pm (farmshop)
Market 8am-2pm Mon -Sat


Hampers for sale shown on their Facebook page.


Top Road,


01246 270425



For keyworkers

If you are a key worker on the list published by the Government, and are still struggling with childcare so that you can work please feel free to use contacts below and they will see if they can do anything to help. All have been registered childminders for years and are being allowed at present to work with children of key workers.

Perhaps you have grandparents who normally collect from school and you would prefer to keep the elderly more protected. Whatever you need it might be worth a call.


Penny Cartledge 


Jo Jenkinson


Steph Biggin 


Co-Operative Food

Small supermarket

Usually quieter between 8-10 pm. Some milk & bread kept for evening customers. After deliveries, shop is fairly full. For grocery this is lunchtime Mon, Wed & Fri. For fresh lines it's about 4pm Mon to Thur, Fri evening & early Sat am. Worst day to shop is Sun as no deliveries except bread.



There is one delivery a week; on Saturday morning. The Co-op are receiving their deliveries in store at irregular times so orders are accepted each week up to 6pm on THURSDAYS. This gives staff more time to put orders together plus you are more likely to get the things you need.


Here's what you need to know:


Phone 07900 684578 to place your order BEFORE 6PM on Thursdays. This is Penny, the volunteer coordinator's number she liaises with the Co-op on your behalf.

When you place your order you will be asked about accepting substitutions if the item is not in stock. Some items are still in short supply but staff are happy to provide an alternative.

On Saturday morning you will receive a phone call to confirm the cost of your order and you will be asked to provide the delivery driver cash rounded UP to the nearest £10 so that we only take money in the form of notes. Your change will be already in your shopping bags. Your receipt will also be in your bags.

If you have any problem with anything that is delivered please contact Penny on the above number and we will endeavour to rectify it during the next delivery.

Please pass the information around so that we can make sure no one who is vulnerable slips through the net.

Volunteers follow a strict process when delivering shopping so they do not contaminate anything. You are advised to wash change with soap & water &, where possible, wipe the shopping.


Top Road, Calow

01246 932284

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