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Hello and welcome to our community garden page!

When this was originally planned we had high hopes of launching an amazing new project, in association with the RHS, in our lovely parish. However, Covid-19 came along and we had to drastically alter our ideas, for this year at least. But we do want to make a bit of a start now. There are things we can plan, do and share; even in a lockdown. Here's some thoughts:

  1. Get planting! Sow some seeds, vegetables or flowers, and start watching them grow. Share your progress with us by emailing photos to or posting on the blog below.
  2. On your daily exercise identify a few areas in the village which you think could benefit from some community action.
  3. Decide if you'd like to be part of our group. You can:

                                                                              a. join in online by posting comments & ideas

                                                                              b. help organise our group when we have a chance to get going

                                                                              c. be a Calow Gardener & help us green up Calow

                                                                              d. donate & support our cause by offering plants, tools or seeds



Unfortunately that's probably it for now! But we are hoping, when the lockdown lifts, to hold some sort of gathering, whether it be a "Show Us Your Veg", a plant swop and just sit and have a coffee together and make plans.

The benefits of gardening are increasingly becoming well known: it helps keep us fit (mentally and physically) and provides us with fresh produce (with a known provenance). Plus it gets us close to nature just like our ancestors did for centuries.

So come on Calow - get digging and planting, snapping and writing!

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May 8, 2020
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Apr 28, 2020
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