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Welcome to the Calow Parish Council Website. 



You can use this site to find out information regarding the services offered by the Council.  You can contact a councilor.  If you have a question about something in the village and are unsure about who to speak to about it there is a guide and relevant contact information in the "useful Information" section .


Calow Parish Council was first established in the 1860's. Like all town and parish councils it is the first tier of local Government and it represents the local community. The Council comments on local planning issues and is involved in the delivery and management of amenities such as:


  •  Recreation Grounds and Play Areas

  •  Bowling Green, Football & Cricket pitches

  •  Footpaths, Dog Waste Bins, Grit Bins and Bus Shelters, Village Furniture

The council is funded principally by an annual precept (received in 2 installments in April and September) which is collected by North East District Council (NEDDC) as part of the normal Council Tax.  Other income is received from the hire of recreational facilities. The Parish Council has 11 seats of which 6 are currently filled.  The Council is supported by a parish clerk.  The three part time members of staff, the clerk, handyman and litter picker are the only positions which are paid a salary.  Council Members themselves are elected for a total of four years and are unpaid.


Councilors represent the Parish at various meetings with NEDDC and other groups and organisations and they can meet with other parishes to discuss matters of mutual interest.


Over the years Calow Parish Council has awarded small grants to assist organisations who are providing benefit to the community of Calow. Organisations within the Parish are welcome to make an application which will be considered on its own merits.

Village History

Calow has a current population of approx 2500 and is well served by being close to the large market town of Chesterfield as well as having a variety of businesses in the village  including chemist, newsagent and small shopkeepers as well as primary school, doctors surgery and community centre. The village can be traced back to 1086 when it was known as Kalehal. In 1430 it was known as Calell, then Calo in 1561 before acquiring its present name. Coal was mined in the area and supplied furnaces in near by Duckmanton. Pre WWII times saw the village consisting of Top Road and part of Church Lane.  There was a thriving garden nursery, Proctors, who moved to Holymoorside and subsequently in the 1950's and 60's a substantial development of houses was built in the village reflecting the names of the flowers and trees which were produced by the company around where the doctors surgery is today.

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